What People Are Saying About Us

Dear Personnel and Staff of the Maritime Conference Center,
I was on your campus for the National Catholic Association of Diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry (NCADDHM) Conference, November 6-9, 2017, and I want you to know that I experienced the most friendly environment ever.

Thank you for your presence, hospitality, and service during my brief stay with you. Keep up the welcoming spirit to your guests, from arrival to departure time. May God bless each one of you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sister Angela Erevia, MCDP

Thank you for your hospitality and a wonderful venue. Your staff outdid themselves again and provided a foundation for a flawless event. Not only did they go out of their way to accommodate our many requests, but they were innovative and creative to help ensure the best possible outcome during the discussions on October 30th and throughout the 3-day event.

The decorated cupcakes that were served during the Halloween event, the cocktail reception held in the Memorabilia room and the lunch spread for the curriculum breakout discussion were just some of the thoughtful recommendations that made a big difference.

We also appreciate your generosity and support of the SOCP. You are a valuable member and we appreciate everything you and your team does to help make these meetings successful.

Ms. Patty Finsterbusch & Ms. Tracey Mayhew

Hi Folks - thank you all for another successful joint event. It was a great team effort. You can tell I had a great time. Sorry we couldn’t get everyone in the team photo. It was a late thought.

Look forward to doing it again in 2019.

Crystal, Denise - thanks to you and your staff for another terrific job hosting us. The ship simulator tour was fantastic. Please convey our thanks to Glen for arranging that.

Bala Akundi

Just wanted to thank you and your staff and ALL OF THE PEOPLE that made it possible for me to stay at the Maritime Conference Center in BWI. My name is Sheila M. Sova and I was privileged to attend the Maritime Celebration put on both at the Capitol as well as the Maritime Day Celebration at the Transportation Department. Staying at your facility was one of the highlights of the trip. The staff, the accommodations, the wonderful food was the icing on the cake…literally! The people who work there truly made us feel as if we belonged to a community, something that I have never felt before at any hotel. Thank you so much for the lovely accommodations and for making my stay along with my group of four WWII Merchant Mariners and another daughter… a stay that we will always remember!

Sheila M. Sova

I am emailing you to express my appreciation of the support and service that you and your staff provided during our stay. I am an OSHA instructor with the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, which held an OSHA #510 & #500 class at the Maritime Institute April 18-27, 2017. During our stay we needed the services of many of your staff; IT/AV, refreshments, house keeping, maintenance, cafeteria and the front desk and in each case the staff conducted themselves in a professional manner. It should also be noted that Stacey, with the front desk, went well out of her way in making our classes a success.

John L. Stahl III

Hello Bethe, I can not thank you and the conference staff enough for everything you all did for us. You all are amazing! We do plan to book another event. The date has not been finalized yet but I hope to have it early next week. So I will be in touch very soon. I look forward to working with you again on our March event. Melissa Tewes SMART Grant, Program Assistant AACC

Melissa Tewes

​Dear Mr. Paine, This is to express my thanks and appreciation to you, your staff, and MITAGS. My wife and I arrived at BWI, from Ramstein Germany, on the evening of 19 January, 2017, the evening before the presidential inauguration. I am sure you can understand our disappointment when we were told there were no hotel rooms available, as well as our elation when the woman at the USO informed us that MITAGS had rooms available. The pleasant greeting I received from the woman at the front desk was heartwarming and was continued by all of the staff that I came in contact with. The dining facility and breakfast was superb. The individuals that utilized your facility to shower and clean up were also very appreciative of the facility offer and USO recommendation. I also want to thank you and MITAGS for your support of the USO. Many people don't realize the value of the USO and the comfort and support they provide to our military members. Again, thank you. Sincerely, Gordon Larson

Gordon Larson

Dear Ms. Shannon, Thank you for your outstanding support and facilitation efforts for the Coast Guard's CID & MITO Conference 2016. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our attendees regarding your venue, the training environment and your staff. Finally, your willingness to go out of your way to adjust to the Coast Guard's needs, particularly when some contracting challenges arose, truly made for a productive and enjoyable conference. Please accept this small token of my appreciation for a job well done.

Jennifer F. Williams

I just want to Thank You and your entire staff for all you did to make the CBTU Region II Conference a great success. Rachel and Crystal were both a great help from beginning to end. The set up staff was great they went above and beyond what I could ever ask. The food service was great the food was great. From the time I entered the front door and checking in and checking out each guest was greeted with a warm welcome as well as a thank you for coming. That tells a lot about the Conference Center at the Maritime in itself from the sales office, staff and the workers that help put all this together. You are #1 in our book and you stand with the top hotels and conference centers as well. I am so thankful and glad to have contracted my conference with you and the delegates would like for me to make this our meeting place for now on each year. The packages that you have for your meetings are great and you don’t find that everywhere. Again I want to thank you Jill for all your help in making this all possible and a special thank you to Rachel and Crystal for all their help in making the CBTU Region II Conference a great success. It was truly a pleasure and honor to work with each of you and I hope to be working with you again in the future.

Karen M. Peek

Denise, Our staff really enjoyed the facility, hospitality, food and staff. What an awesome experience for our folks to experience the simulator. Appreciate all that played a part to make this venue a success, John, Allen, Crystal and of course you Denise. You were there with us from the beginning of the contract. Definitely looking forward in coming back in the near future. Until we meet again.

MSgt Harvey

Dear Mr. Krikorian, I recently held a two-day program at the Maritime Institute Conference Center--Oct 2-3, 2016. We had a total of 82 attendees for this program and I've had the opportunity now to review the evaluations that have been submitted following the program's conclusion. You should know that to a person, each attendee commented on the warmth and hospitality of CCMIT, particularly in the kindnesses shown to them by those working at the Center. They found the rooms to be comfortable, the access to the airport so very convenient, and second only to the warmth of employees, the food received the highest rating. From my perspective, everyone who I encountered and with whom I worked--particularly Bethe and Crystal, were exceptionally professional and extremely patient with our ever-changing numbers. I'd also like to give a shout-out to W. Allen Birch who kindly accommodated a small group of our attendees for a simulation very early on Monday morning...they loved it and noted so on their evaluations. Perhaps the best news I can offer you is that the Sisters of Mercy, the religious group of women with whom I work, were in attendance and quite impressed by CCMIT. They have shared with me that they will be coming to the Conference Center for some of their major area meetings in the future. Kudos to you and to all at CCMIT, for offering hospitality, convenience, comfort and fine food for our major program. We are appreciative.

Dr. Moya K. Dittmeier

The IATSE has held at least a dozen trainings and conferences at CCMIT and will be coming back for more! The great prices, tasty meals and snacks, comfortable rooms and convenient location make it a very appealing place to work. Add to this an excellent, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff and this place is hard to beat. As the Education and Training Director for a labor union, I also appreciate that the workers at this facility are all union-represented.

Patricia A. White

Good morning Ladies (Jill & Rachel), I just wanted to let you know that you did it again! Everything went fantastic last week just as expected. It is a comforting feeling when you are trying to plan something knowing the support you will receive when the event begins and continues through the week. We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication throughout the entire process. I know I've told you both in the past, but I have to say it again. You're the best and Thank you.

Christopher Treml

Bethe, I cannot thank you and your staff enough it was very special. Thank you for being a part of this. I thought it was brilliant the way you met Wendy and played right into the narrative. She was truly, truly Surprised and it’s hard to get a surprise on Wendy She was so happy all weekend and then our Basketball Team won LeBron James-Cleveland Cavaliers, could not have asked for a better weekend. Thank you so much for being a part of this for Wendy, we will never forget, we love you. Peace & Blessings, Tony

Duane "Tony" Baysmore

Hi Denise, Just wanted to THANK YOU and your staff for giving us the most fabulous service for our event on November 14! It went like clockwork and I so appreciate all that you did to make it go so smoothly for us. What I loved about working with you is the fact that you treated this event as if it was a big one, even though we did not bring in much revenue to you guys at all. You made me ( and my corporate contact) feel very valued and important in spite of our small numbers. That was an amazing feeling to be treated that way, and I so appreciated it. You were there with us from the beginning, being involved in every step of the way, ensuring we were satisfied with all the details. On top of it, you even showed up at the event, even though you weren't even supposed to work that day. It gave me tremendous comfort to have you there at the event. It relieved all my worries. By the way, serving coffee to me was not even in your job description.Joi but it was such a nice touch. Thank you for that. Crystal was great at working out the details, very patient, always on top of things, and very accommodating. I was also very happy to work with her. But YOU made all the difference to me, and put up with my changing my mind about menus, etc., with a smile on your face. Such great personal service to a client. You made the whole process fun and easy for me, and I won't forget that. I have never heard of maritime institute before, and now I'm a fan I will give you referrals as the opportunities come up, you can count on that. Thank you for your professionalism, your amazing personalized service , your attention to detail and your friendliness. YOU made this event such a success for us, and I thank you for all of that. You're the best Ps: hope you share this with your boss , it's the truth!

Mine Verai-Burk