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  • Long-Time MITAGS’ Conference Center Director Retires

    Posted in Special Events on Feb 08, 2016 by ccmit


    February 8, 2016-Linthicum Heights, Maryland – Glen Paine, Executive Director of the Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies (MITAGS) and the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute (CCMIT), today announced that Howard Van Kirk, Director of Operations at CCMIT, has retired after 37 years of outstanding service.
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  • Baltimore Conference Center Expands Its Outreach and Client Support

    Posted in Special Events on Jan 13, 2016 by ccmit


    The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute (CCMIT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jill Porter as Assistant Director of Sales. She had previously been Manager of Sales for CCMIT. In her new role, Porter will support Brian Senft, Director of Sales, in the development and execution of CCMIT’s marketing strategy and in staff development activities. In addition, she will continue to assist maritime and other trade unions with their training and conference needs and will add Sports Marketing to her portfolio.
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  • Maritime Leaders Meet for "Securing Maritime's 21st Century Workforce"

    Posted in Special Events on Oct 19, 2015 by ccmit


    On October 5-7, business leaders, regulators and educators gathered at the CCMIT center in Linthicum Heights, Maryland to discuss the future of U.S. maritime education.
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  • SOCP Collaborates for Education and Training Summit

    Posted in Special Events on Oct 12, 2015 by ccmit


    Every year the International Maritime Organization (IMO) celebrates World Maritime Day to focus attention on the importance of shipping safety, maritime security, the marine environment, and to emphasize a particular aspect of IMO's work.
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  • People Collaborating for the Greater Good

    Posted in Special Events on Oct 10, 2015 by ccmit


    Just coming off of a 3 day whirlwind of activity at MITAGS-CCMIT for the North American World Maritime Day: Education and Training Summit, I have a few key takeaways from this highly successful collaborative effort:
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  • MITAGS-CCMIT Hosts Baltimore Summer Youth Initiative

    Posted in Special Events on Sep 17, 2015 by ccmit


    As part of its community outreach efforts, the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute of Technology (CCMIT) hosted 50 Baltimore City students in August as part of the week-long Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Summer Youth Initiative. The BWI Youth Initiative was established to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about career opportunities in aviation and transportation, including maritime transportation.
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  • Leadership, Regulatory Issues Facing Maritime Industry

    Posted in Special Events on Nov 07, 2014 by ccmit


    The Ships Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) convened on October 29th and 30th for its annual Fall Meeting.
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